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  • I love stream101! They helped me migrate from my old host (bluehost) who did not allow me to use SAM broadcaster’s website because they blocked the ports. I have had NO downtime since being with stream101 except maybe an hour for scheduled maintenance. I’ve been with them for 3 years now and would recommend them to anyone. the servers are very fast too! Support is always same day response usually less than an hour if the issue isn’t me screwing up my entire site again. The large package is what i use, so they helped me fix the scripts that i used.

    Jim Robers
  • Fantastic and friendly support, Extremely easy and fun to use, You can’t get anything better than stream101 for the price.

    Frank Bissaillon
  • My favourite hosts are the one’s I never have to log into. I don’t remember the last time I logged into there billing/support. With automated payments and reliable servers, I’m all set. I have been a Stream101 customer for over 18 months now and cannot thank them enough for the wonderful service they provide my business.

    Andreas Pastor
  • I needed a new VPS provider for my business, extremely happy that I choose Stream101. The servers have been fast and reliable and their support-staff have been very helpful and pro-active. 100% uptime so far, and no problems at all (been with them for just over a year now).

    HG Hansen