Service Level Agreement

Service Level Agreement

Stream101 offers an amazing 99.99% uptime guarantee to all clients who utilize our Premium streaming and web hosting services. This is called our Service Level Agreement. In the very unlikely event of uptime falling below 99.99% in any one full calendar month, Stream101 will provide a credit to the client’s account, upon request, following the chart below:

99 – 99.899% – 5% of monthly fee credited
95 – 98.999% – 10% of monthly fee credited
90 – 94.999% – 20% of monthly fee credited
89.9% or below – 30% of monthly fee credited

Uptime is monitored via a third-party company. We have no influence over their reporting. What is show is what is recorded. It should be noted that downtime for pre-planned maintenance reasons is not counted or logged.

Any refunds under this SLA will be credited to the Stream101 client’s account and may be used to pay any outstanding or future invoices. Customers are entitled to a refund only on the server that they are hosted on, and if it falls below 99.9% uptime in a given month. We are not responsible for your ISP or any sub-carriers used by your ISP or our DataCenter. We are ONLY responsible by what is reported by the third-party monitoring statistics.

Web Hosting Uptime
Streaming Service Uptime

Additional Terms:

  • The customer mut be fully up to date with service payments, any overdue invoices on the customer account will negate the SLA.
  • The agreement does not cover planned maintenance or where Stream101 has given customers prior notice. It is the client’s responsibility to keep up to date with service announcements by checking the News Page, Stream101 Facebook, Stream101 Twitter, or email sent directly from Stream101..
  • The SLA covers only the streaming and web hosting service itself. It does not cover additional products/services such as players and/or control panels.
  • Requests must be made in the first 7 days of the next month after the outage(s).
  • This SLA does not apply to customers on:
    • Economy Streaming
    • Pro-Tools
    • Customers who signed up via a promotional rate. Only customers paying the full price as currently listed our web site are entitled to claim for compensation.

To process your SLA refund, please go to the Client Area and put in a ticket to the Sales/Billing Department. Please include the date(s) of the outage and your affected streaming/web hosting accounts.