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Stream101 Acquired by Overwatch Data Services

November 17, 2018, Written by 0 comment

On November 16th, 2018, Stream101 signed an agreement to be acquired by Overwatch Data Services (ODS). Overwatch Data Services is a Michigan-based Managed Services Provider and also owns Manage1to1, a web-based utility for School Districts to manage their Portable Device Deployments. This acquisition will enable significant investment in feature innovation and will support growth in research, new services, and staffing in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA where Stream101 will now share a headquarters with Overwatch Data Services.

Established in it’s current form back in 2007, Stream101 has provided one of the most reliable and affordable Streaming and Web Hosting service platforms. Specializing in ICEcast and SHOUTcast hosting, Stream101 has been providing internet radio stations, terrestrial radio stations, and hobby broadcasters with excellent service for over 10 years. Stream101 also offers cPanel Cloud web hosting on the amazing platform.

“We are proud to be acquired by a reputable, local company that I’ve been involved with for several years now. This positive growth will allow Stream101 to utilize resources previously unavailable and allow Overwatch Data Services to offer additional services outside of the current portfolio. Overall this is a big step forward for both companies and will allow the consolidated operation of 2 complimentary companies.” — Marcus Allen, President & CEO, Stream101

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