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Can you help me move (migrate) from my old web host?

All accounts include free transfer and migration assistance from your old provider. To move from your old host, you will want to submit a ticket.

Option #1 (Preferred)

  1. Upload the cpmove files to the root of your account at Stream101
  2. Open a Support Ticket and title the ticket Restore CPMove Files
  3. Include the following information:
    Name of the CPMove file
    Name of the domain associated with the CPMove file

Option #2 (Backup)

  1. Open a Support Ticket and title the ticket Account Transfer.
  2. Include the following information:
    Old Host IP:
    Old Host Control Panel Type: (cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin, etc.)
    Old Host Username & Password:
    Domain(s) to be moved:
    Do you have SSH Access: Yes or No
  3. If you are unsure about any of the fields, leave them blank and ask for clarification in the message body field.
  4. Once the ticket is submitted, an account transfer usually takes 24 hours or less, depending on account size and network transfer speeds.

cPanel Users: We will need to perform a full cPanel Backup (cpMove) on your old host. To help speed up the migration process, you may do this yourself from within your old host’s cPanel. If you already have a full backup available you can upload it to your new Stream101 account using FTP or the cPanel File Manager, and our technicians can restore your backup from there. This will cut the account restoration time down to a few minutes (10-20)

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