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SAM Broadcaster Setup

First, purchase & download SAM Broadcaster.

Second, Install SAM Broadcaster
Third, Open SAM & navigate to DESKTOP ‘B’.  Once there, you should see an encoder window.  Click the ‘+’ sign.

Fourth, Choose your encoding software.  If you purchase streaming through us, you will only be using the MP3 type streaming, so select one of those. (NOTE: MP3PRO uses a LOT of memory, so make sure you have a REALLY fast computer.)

Fifth, select your encoding speed.  This MUST be what you signed up for.  Ex.  You sign up for 64kbps streaming, but set the encoder at 128kbps.  You will overrun your bandwith & lock your server for 24 hours each time this happens.  Change Quality from Fast Resampling to High Quality.  If you are the only person going to be the only DJ broadcasting, check the boxes ‘Auto start after’ & ‘Auto reconnect after’ & change them both to 1 second.  Check allow scripts in stream, & then select ‘Automatic data streaming’

Sixth, Navigate to the server details button, on the encoder window.  Make sure SHOUTcast is selected at the top for server type.  For the server ip, enter which server you are on (Find this by going to stream101.com, logging into the Media Control Panel) You will see a host and a port field in the upper right hand of the content area on the page. You can also find this information on the quick links page. The ‘host’ is your Server IP, & the ‘port’ is your port number.  Your password might NOT be the same as your login password.  To check the password, click Configure Server.  You should see 2 password fields, ‘Source Password’ & ‘Administrator Password’.  The password for the encoder in SAM is the ‘Source Password’ field.  If you are unsure what it is, simply erase what is in there, and retype what you want the password to be.

Finally, Fill in the rest of the information about your station.  When finished, click on OK!  Then You’re Done!

If you still need assistance regarding setting up SAM Broadcaster, please contact Spacial directly via their website.

The process for setting up Icecast is very similar.


Still having trouble? Check out this video tutorial:

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