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Can I upload a playlist file I already made?

Yes! We’ve added this functionality. The instructions are found below!

When building your M3U files, most likely you will construct them using the paths to the MP3s on your local computer. In order for the Media Control Panel to use the same M3U file the MP3s must be on the server, and the paths in the M3U file must refer to the paths on the server.

For example, say the you have an MP3 on your computer named C:\MP3\Rock\rock_music.mp3, and you wishe to create an M3U playlist file containing this single MP3. The steps would be as follows:


  1. Using FTP, upload the contents of the C:\MP3 folder to the mediadirectory, maintaining the complete directory structure.
    • So in your FTP client, you should see a “Rock” directory inside your “media” directory, and the “rock_music.mp3” file should appear within the “Rock” directory, just as it would on your local computer.
  2. In the Media Control Panel web interface, use the “Update Media Library” feature to import the tracks into the media library. Tracks which are not in the media library will not be recognized by the M3U import feature, even if they exist on the server.
  3. Create an M3U file which uses paths relative to the C:\MP3 folder for each MP3.
  4. So the relative paths in the M3U file should look like “Rock\rock_music.mp3”. If the M3u file specifies absolute paths instead (such as “C:\MP3\Rock\rock_music.mp3”) this will NOT work because there is no such file as C:\MP3\Rock\rock_music.mp3 on the server.


Once these conditions are met, the user can upload his M3U file.

A Sample M3U File is found below:

#EXTINF:0, Rock Artist - Rock Song Title
#EXTINF:0,Country Artist - Country Song Title
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