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How do I manage my free SSL certificates?

You can manage your free SSL certificates from within your cPanel interface under the “Let’s Encrypt SSL” section.

You will be able to find the “Let’s Encrypt SSL” icon in the “Security” category:

or by searching for “SSL” in the top search bar:

The very first time you visit this page may take a few seconds, as it will register an anonymous account key with the Let’s Encrypt CA.

The interface is split into two sections.

The first section will list all of your domains that have “Let’s Encrypt” certificates issued, their expiry, and options to remove, reinstall and view them:

Additionally, you can see the last time that renewals were processed for your account, which is typically every 12 hours.

The second section will list all of the domains configured in your account (parked domains will show up in the issue section under the main domain) with their webroots, and an option to issue certificates:

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