13 Jul 2014

SHOUTcast/ICEcast HTML5 Player (ProTools v2)

We’re very excited to release a brand new player for exclusive use by Stream101 Clients! We’ve taken feedback from our clients on which features we should add to the player and we’ve listened!

Many clients were asking for us to come up with a player that has reliable Now Playing information with Album Art capabilities. That is exactly what this player does. It functions again as a popup player versus an embedded player. Embedded players are very tricky to do and often require special configurations on the client’s (your) webhost. To simplify things as much as possible, we have elected to go with another popup player.

Installing the player is easy. It can be found in the Widgets section of your Media Control Panel.


  • Fully HTML5 Compliant
  • Flash Fallback for older browsers
  • Full SHOUTcast & ICEcast Support (MP3 Streaming)
  • Album Art Delivered via iTunes (Option to purchase Album/Songs via iTunes coming soon)
  • Full Listener Pass-Through (Statistics show listeners locations/IP’s instead of the Player’s information)



  • IE 7+
  • Safari 5+
  • Firefox 10+
  • Opera 12.10+

Mobile Compatibility:

  • Android Tablets 3.2+ / Android Phones 4.0+
  • Blackberry Tablet 2.0+ / Blackberry Phones 7+
  • iPad iOS 4.2+ / iPhone iOS 3.1+
  • Windows Phone 7.5+
  • Chrome 18+
  • Firefox 24+

Alternative Devices:

  • Playstation 4
  • Xbox One (IE 10)
  • Wii U (NetFront NX)
  • Playstation Vita TV (NetFront NX)
  • OUYA (Android 4.1+)
  • Xbox 360 (IE 9)
  • Wii (Opera)
  • Playstation 3 (NetFront)
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11 May 2014

Announcing: Economy-Level Streaming

Stream101 is proud to announce that we are adding a new level of service to our amazing lineup: Economy Streaming! Just because it is called economy, doesn’t mean your station will sound bad or buffer! In fact, the only difference is that this is 100% pure, streaming service. There is no AutoDJ included with economy streaming. Your station will still be hosted on fantastically powerful servers, receive excellent customer care and as always, your station will never buffer! Our current plans that include AutoDJ will now be known as our Premium Streaming service. Now there is a plan for everyone at Stream101!

Check out the new plans for yourself today. Get started streaming for UNDER $5.00 per month! http://www.stream101.com/streaming/economy-streaming/

Due to the addition of these new streaming packages, we will be retiring the following packages effective 05/11/2014:

Premium 24KBPS SHOUTcast

Premium 24KBPS Icecast

As always, our recommendation table for streaming is as follows:

Spoken-Word: 32KBPS-64KBPS
Spoken-Word/Some Music: 64KBPS
Mostly Music: 64KBPS-96KBPS
All Music: 96KBPS-128KBPS

As a general rule, we use the following descriptors when explaining the difference between streams to clients:

AM Radio Quality: 32KBPS-48KBPS
Telephone Quality: 64KBPS
FM Radio Quality: 96KBPS
CD/Standard Quality: 128KBPS

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08 Apr 2014

OpenSSL Heartbleed Bug (CVE-2014-0160)

Early this morning, Stream101 was made aware of an issue concerning the OpenSSL Bug that is allowing data to be intercepted.

The Heartbleed Bug is a serious vulnerability in the popular OpenSSL cryptographic software library. This weakness allows stealing the information protected, under normal conditions, by the SSL/TLS encryption used to secure the Internet.

This bug was discovered sometime yesterday and published late last night. More information regarding this bug can be found on the National Vulnerability Database found here: https://web.nvd.nist.gov/view/vuln/detail?vulnId=CVE-2014-0160

For further confirmation that your website is secure, please see this third-party testing tool, found here: http://filippo.io/Heartbleed/

Please note, at this time no information was mishandled or taken from transactions or data exchanged wtih our website, Stream101.com during this vulnerability. We encourage any customers who utilize Credit Card Processing to keep an eye for suspicious charges or transactions that may have occurred.

For more information regarding this bug, you can view: http://heartbleed.com/

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08 Feb 2014

What to do: LoudCity Shutting Down

So, by now you may have heard that the popular licensing company LoudCity is closing its doors.  Not too much is known at the moment regarding the shutdown, but after February 28th, 2014, broadcasters will need to find a new source for licensing their streams.

[content_box style=”grey” title=”A notice posted on LoudCity’s Website February 3rd simply reads:”]

Hello Broadcasters,It’s with a heavy heart we tell you that LoudCity will be closing down on Feb 28. After several years the team has decided to move on to other opportunities.

No new service fees will be charged to any broadcaster as of tomorrow, February 4th. If you were charged a service fee on February 1 to February 3, 2014, you will receive a refund for the unused balance of your account for March 1st, 2nd or 3rd, as the case may be. Refunds will be issued to you in March.

It’s truly been a pleasure serving all of you. We hope you will continue your craft with other services. We wish you the best of luck in whatever your next step may be.

Signing off, 


What does this all mean?

Before, there were 2 companies to go with for licensing. Loudcity & StreamLicensing. Now there is only StreamLicensing left. Stream101 has endorsed StreamLicensing from the beginning and very much encourages you to purchase their service. We believe it is a much better experience than LoudCity!

Is Stream101 Partnered with StreamLicensing?

YES! Stream101 has partnered with StreamLicensing to provide you with an exceptional service that either meets, or beats LoudCity’s pricing. Plus as a bonus, all Stream101 clients can receive $15.00 off the first month by using coupon code ST-15! Simply follow the link below to get to StreamLicensing’s website and use the coupon code provided!


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03 Dec 2013

Emergency Maintenance Notification

You are receiving this message regarding an important maintenance window, 2013-12-04 (all times US eastern).

Event Type: Network Upgrade
Event Type: Network Upgrade
Start Time: 2013-12-04 02:00
End Time: 2013-12-04 02:45
Device(s): br1 stream101.core
Client Affecting: Possible

Event Summary: We have worked with our vendor to isolate the root cause of a brief outage on Monday 2 December, 2013 which impacted some customers. The root cause is a recently discovered memory leak in the current software version of a core router. To resolve this condition, the OS level must be upgraded immediately and will require a router reload. The other core routers are not experiencing the defect but will be scheduled for upgrade shortly in non-emergency maintenance windows.

The purpose of this maintenance window is to apply an OS version upgrade to one of our core routers in the location that you have services with us. This upgrade will require a reload which may impact customer traffic for up to 15 minutes. Our servers are dedicated and multi-homed, so most clients will not notice an issue, but in the event of disruption, we are providing you with this notice.

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22 Nov 2013

Stream101 Web Hosting is Now IPv6 Ready!

Stream101 is proud to announce that our network is IPv6 ready as of 11/21/2013. All of our corporate site is now IPv6 ready, so if you have IPv6 enabled by your ISP, you should now be able to get to our website via IPv6. In addition, Stream101 will now be adding IPv6 support for all of our web hosting clients too!

Stream101 is staying ahead of the curve compared to a lot of providers. From our quick research, most hosting companies do not offer IPv6 at this time. We’re proud to say that we are IPv6 ready!

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28 Jul 2013

What is overselling and why can it be bad?

What is overselling? Overselling is defined as “the sale of a good or service in excess of actual capacity.”
Lets use the following example:
A server with 1TB of storage space
Large Plan: 20GB of Storage Each = 50 Clients
50 Clients x $15/month = $750
$750 is about what it costs for collocation fees and a portion of the electricity. This does not cover staff, bandwidth, upgrades, hardware maintenance, or software licenses.

Why is it bad? Overselling itself is not inherently a bad thing. It is how many hosting businesses function successfully. A company is the bad part, not the overselling. Anyone can purchase a decent server for about $500/month and load 1000 clients on it. The server will be slow, space will eventually run out, and the business will fail.

How is Stream101 Different? We pride ourselves with providing our customers with the best hosting experience possible. While we allow overselling, we have a limit to what we do. We’re experts when it comes to hosting. Unlimited anything does not exist. We know there is no unlimited hard drive, unlimited processor, unlimited ram, or unlimited bandwidth. This is why we do not offer unlimited. We offer reasonable amounts of hosting for a reasonable price. Sure our space is oversold, however our clustering setup allows the migration of clients to additional servers with no downtime. In our 6 years of doing this, we have NEVER run out of space on a server and we have NEVER had to migrate clients to another server due to it filling up. We never load servers past 60% disk space capacity.

How do you limit resources? We limit resources by utilizing a specialized operating system called CloudLinux. This allows us to tweak each account and limit users to not utilize too much of the server. In traditional hosting environments, one account can slow the entire server down. In our Stream101’s environment, a single user will only max out their account and slow only their account down. We can allocate more resources to individual accounts on a per case/temporary basis if needed and it will NOT effect any other users! In the past a single site with poorly written software could crash an entire website. This no longer is the case!

In reality, 99.99% of hosts oversell, us included. Of those, about 99.95% do it the incorrect way. Stream101 belongs to the elite 0.04% that does it the right way. The way that is geared for the customer’s needs.

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05 Apr 2013
07 Mar 2013

New Changes At Stream101!

We have a few new changes that Stream101 is proud to announce!

After the hard work of the developers over at Centova, we’re excited to be able to offer the latest version of the Media Control Panel! We have some great new features that will be highlighted below and we urge you to take advantage of these great new features! With the new control panel, we will be offering some additional new services!


Management Change

Stream101 has just been taken over by new management as of January 1st, 2103. Marcus Allen has been the Operations Supervisor for a number of years and has now purchased the company. With this change of ownership, clients should not expect anything less from Stream101 but rather new and improved ideas. As a result of this, Marcus will be taking more of a management role in the company and moving away from the support side. New support technicians are being trained and will be brought on board this month.

Support Change

One major change is the reduction of the telephone support staff. In the past, telephone support has cost Stream101 over $10,000 per month for salaries amongst 8 people. We averaged only 10 calls per day over 8 hours. That was a lot of waste and was one factor in the “stalemate” of Stream101. We have since shifted 4 technicians over to ticketing support and released 2. This will save costs for us, and will allow us to have a greater budget to develop new things. As a result, we have beefed up the Ticket Support Staff’s hours and will be able to provide much snappier responses, even during peak hours.

We are also increasing our corporate security measures and will be implementing further security into our day-to-day operations. While we have never had a breach of information in any way, we want to stay ahead of the game and avoid anything that would increase our clients chances of losing valuable dollars with their day-to-day operations.

Most phone support issues can be resolved in a manner of minutes by checking out our documentation or knowledgebase. This is somethine we are working on expanding now that we have additional staff online



Flash-based Popup Player is now HTML5 Based with Flash Fallback support for browsers that do not support HTML5.
Mobile Streaming App will soon have a control panel that allows you to customize the look of your App
Mobile Streaming App will support more devices as the latest HTML5 and Mobile technologies are released and implemented

Service Changes/Improvements

Stream101 will soon support ShoutCast version 2
Stream101 will be further integrating 100% support for SAM Broadcaster & Web Hosting 


Major New Features

  • Implemented a brand new, glossy user interface which should be more attractive and intuitive for newer users
  • Added AJAX file manager to allow uploading, managing, and removing files via the web interface
  • Added full support for ShoutCast v2 (Coming Soon!)
  • Bundled a new Flash player for web-based listening playback of MP3/Ogg streams
  • Added a new DJ account type, which allows station managers to delegate specific privileges (managing playlists, stopping/starting autoDJ, etc.) to their DJs
  • Statistics are now recorded internally relative to UTC, and displayed relative to the user’s selected time zone
  • Statistics can now be retained indefinitely and are no longer limited to 60 days
  • Re-implemented statistics system using AJAX for dramatically improved performance; graphs are generated client-side using jQuery/Flot to eliminate server-side image generation delays
  • Historical statistics for user-defined time periods can now be downloaded as spreadsheets (CSV format)
  • Added support for retrieving album details from the iTunes Store and last.fm, as well as custom web sites provided by each user
  • Added AJAX log manager to allow easy web-based review of system and event logs
  • Added automated song request identification and queueing (AutoDJ)

Minor New Features

  • Recent tracks widget now updates automatically in realtime via AJAX, and displays album title if available
  • Live statistics page now updates automatically in realtime via AJAX
  • Stream status icons in the client area now update automatically in realtime via AJAX
  • Recent tracks, current song, and on-demand widgets now fade/slide using jQuery effects
  • Media uploaded via FTP is now auto-detected and imported by the Media Control Panel within a minute or two
  • Multiple instances of the same widget can now be used on the same page (i.e., to show statuses for multiple streams)
  • Most tables (accounts list, etc.) are now sortable by clicking column headers
  • Added syntax-highlighting-style coloring to log viewers
  • Added a Google Maps(tm) widget to the code snippets page
  • Added configurable server location options for Google Maps widget
  • Added configurable poll limit, poll frequency, number of tracks, and hide/show covers options for the Recent Tracks widget
  • Added configurable poll limit and poll frequency options for the Stream Details widget
  • Reduced HTML page sizes and consolidated JavaScript/CSS to improve page load times
  • Added support for temporarily banning users after too many login failures
  • Added Recent Tracks RSS/Atom/JSON feeds
  • Added Stream Info JSON/XML feeds
  • Added current playlist information to stream info widget
  • Media library panes are now resizable/collapsible
  • Dramatically improved cover image processing performance
  • Reorganized accounts’ Widgets configuration into tabsets

Notable Improvements

  • Ported all widgets and much of the UI to jQuery for a dramatic improvement in aesthetics
  • All widgets can now be configured to work with specific mount points
  • New multifile web-based uploader supports HTML5, Flash, and HTML4 upload types, ensuring support in all browsers
  • Added autoDJ status to Stream Details widget
  • Added options to autoconvert HTML email message content to text and vice-versa
  • Simplified (shortened) HTML for JavaScript widget code snippets
  • Current/recent tracks will try to convert sc_trans v1 metadata to proper ID3 tag data
  • Numerous improvements to artist/album/title extraction and cleanup for track detection
  • Various improvements in IceCast XSL page parsing and handling
  • Client accounts are now deleted by default when their parent reseller account is deleted
  • Implemented framework for future support of customizable menus
  • Implemented framework for future support of custom plugins
  • Globally renamed ‘Code snippets’ to the more universally-recognized term, ‘Widgets’
  • Stream status icons in client area header are now continually updated via AJAX

Notable Fixes

  • Fixed various problems with M3U importer
  • Upgraded to new Amazon.com API to fix broken Amazon.com support
  • Playlists can now be scheduled for 00:00:00
We truly hope you enjoy the new features we have to offer and encourage you to provide us with feedback as much as possible!
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29 Oct 2012

Inclement Weather Notification

Please be advised that we are actively monitoring the arrival of Hurricane Sandy. We have initiated our “inclement weather procedures” which include verifying site coverage teams, emergency contact numbers, adequacy of onsite fuel supplies, as well as, emergency tools & materials. We do not anticipate any interruption in service within our datacenter. However, the unprecedented size and strength of this storm will put many engineering models to the test. Our team is standing by to offer full support services throughout the storm

If you have any questions regarding this item, please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance via a support ticket (support@stream101.com)


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