16 Nov

Media Control Panel v3.1.1

The Media Control Panel has been upgraded to version 3.1.1. This corrects many issues that users were having in the Media Control Panel.

Details below:

Minor new features:

>Added new password validation rules and strength indicators


>Disable SSLv3 for CVE-2014-3566 (aka POODLE)
>Reinstated DJ access to update the media library based on the “Manage media files” permission
>Adjusted caching of start pages for better responsiveness to account creation/deletion
>Users are now prohibited from altering/removing system folders via the file manager
>Improved character encoding translation support for ID3 tags
>Nonexistent start pages now return a proper HTTP response code 404
>Added UTF8 charset header to nextsong
>Better display of DJ accounts in sessions list

Bug/Issue Fixes:

>Corrected misinformation in tips on mount points tab
>DJ accounts now show times as “–:–” when login period is unrestricted
>Do not display DJ-inaccessible buttons to DJs in media library
>Fixed bug in which a missing report directory could cause a warning message on the Tracks statistics tab
>Fixed bug in which IceCast listener lists could not be parsed
>Fixed bug in which peak listener track time was displayed relative to UTC
>Fixed bug in which track previews would have the wrong content length
>Fixed cache invalidation bug
>Fixed error when updating disk usage via meter in file manager
>Fixed escapement of URLs in recent tracks feeds
>Fixed incorrect units on Historical tab in statistics
>Fixed problems with Unicode filenames in file manager and browse-by-folders
>Fixed regression breaking log file configuration in SHOUTcast 1/2 accounts
>Fixed regression in password validation code
>Fixed regression in which autoDJ could not be disabled for all mount points for relaying when autoDJ status = Permitted but disabled
>Fixed regression in which default encoder settings could be ignored
>Fixed regression in year selection box in playlist editor
>Improve ulimit assignment
>User sessions are now terminated when accounts are deleted

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