Is your website being threatened by DDoS attacks? Is it already being attacked daily? Our network has a top of the line DDoS (Denial-of-Service) mitigation that will protect your site against all types of attacks. Let Stream101’s DDoS Protection help you and your website get left alone!

Should I be worried?

Most websites do not experience a DDoS attack themselves. The problem that arises is when you use a Shared Hosting service, there may be one website on the server that makes the wrong person mad. They attack the server that you are on and your business suffers! Sometimes the attack is a few minutes, other times it takes hours or even days to rectify the situation. Our network has the capacity to mitigate several 10GB attacks, or up to 50GB at once!

How does it work?

Check out the graphical representation off to the right! All of our servers are under this setup. Adding CloudFlare (free for our web hosting customers) will beef up the protection even more!

Shared & Reseller Hosting Information

All of our Shared & Resller accounts are automatically protected from DDoS attacks in multiple ways! Our networked load balancing is already setup. We also include CloudFlare with all of our accounts too! CloudFlare is a free Global Distribution Network that works in conjunction with our redundant network. It also filters out good and bad traffic! More information about CloudFlare can be found on their website. With the combination of our physical DDoS Protection and CloudFlare’s software/physical hybrid service, your website should be highly accessible!

Limitations of DDoS Protection

While Stream101 does everything possible to mitigate DDoS attacks, it is nearly impossible to prevent even small downtime issues when it comes to DDoS attacks. All of our customers receive a 1GBPS protection plan for no charge. Should a larger attack occur, traffic to that particular customers website will be null-routed (discarded). We do have additional DDoS protection service available on a per-customer basis. Contact our Sales Department for individualized pricing!

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