16 Nov 2014

Media Control Panel v3.1.1

The Media Control Panel has been upgraded to version 3.1.1. This corrects many issues that users were having in the Media Control Panel.

Details below:

Minor new features:

>Added new password validation rules and strength indicators


>Disable SSLv3 for CVE-2014-3566 (aka POODLE)
>Reinstated DJ access to update the media library based on the “Manage media files” permission
>Adjusted caching of start pages for better responsiveness to account creation/deletion
>Users are now prohibited from altering/removing system folders via the file manager
>Improved character encoding translation support for ID3 tags
>Nonexistent start pages now return a proper HTTP response code 404
>Added UTF8 charset header to nextsong
>Better display of DJ accounts in sessions list

Bug/Issue Fixes:

>Corrected misinformation in tips on mount points tab
>DJ accounts now show times as “–:–” when login period is unrestricted
>Do not display DJ-inaccessible buttons to DJs in media library
>Fixed bug in which a missing report directory could cause a warning message on the Tracks statistics tab
>Fixed bug in which IceCast listener lists could not be parsed
>Fixed bug in which peak listener track time was displayed relative to UTC
>Fixed bug in which track previews would have the wrong content length
>Fixed cache invalidation bug
>Fixed error when updating disk usage via meter in file manager
>Fixed escapement of URLs in recent tracks feeds
>Fixed incorrect units on Historical tab in statistics
>Fixed problems with Unicode filenames in file manager and browse-by-folders
>Fixed regression breaking log file configuration in SHOUTcast 1/2 accounts
>Fixed regression in password validation code
>Fixed regression in which autoDJ could not be disabled for all mount points for relaying when autoDJ status = Permitted but disabled
>Fixed regression in which default encoder settings could be ignored
>Fixed regression in year selection box in playlist editor
>Improve ulimit assignment
>User sessions are now terminated when accounts are deleted

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03 Dec 2013

Emergency Maintenance Notification

You are receiving this message regarding an important maintenance window, 2013-12-04 (all times US eastern).

Event Type: Network Upgrade
Event Type: Network Upgrade
Start Time: 2013-12-04 02:00
End Time: 2013-12-04 02:45
Device(s): br1 stream101.core
Client Affecting: Possible

Event Summary: We have worked with our vendor to isolate the root cause of a brief outage on Monday 2 December, 2013 which impacted some customers. The root cause is a recently discovered memory leak in the current software version of a core router. To resolve this condition, the OS level must be upgraded immediately and will require a router reload. The other core routers are not experiencing the defect but will be scheduled for upgrade shortly in non-emergency maintenance windows.

The purpose of this maintenance window is to apply an OS version upgrade to one of our core routers in the location that you have services with us. This upgrade will require a reload which may impact customer traffic for up to 15 minutes. Our servers are dedicated and multi-homed, so most clients will not notice an issue, but in the event of disruption, we are providing you with this notice.

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16 Oct 2012

cPanel Upgrade!

We’ve upgraded cPanel and WHM to the latest version, 11.34.  A full changelog can be found on cPanel’s website found here: http://docs.cpanel.net/twiki/bin/view/AllDocumentation/1134ReleaseNotes

You will notice some large changes to the server’s backend. The most important changes are outlined below:
Security Improvements:
Security Tokens: Security Tokens are designed to protect cPanel & WHM from a common type of web vulnerability called XSRF. Once enabled, unique tokens will be included in the cPanel & WHM URLs which will completely prevent XSRF attacks.
SMTP Restrictions: This feature prevents users from bypassing the mail server to send mail, a common practice used by spammers. It will allow only the MTA, mailman, and root to connect to remote SMTP servers.
Secure Connections: All cPanel/WHM connections are now 100% secured via SSL. This ensures your data is secure.
Feature Improvements:
Email Archiving: Email Archiving allows you to store a copy of each message this server sends or receives. This feature provides a cPanel interface that allows users to control the archive type and retention period on a per domain basis.
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25 Jan 2012

Facilities Upgrade Announcement

Stream101 Customers

As part of strategic facilities improvement initiatives, we have partnered with world-renowned datacenter specialists DuPont Fabros Technology (http://www.dft.com/data-centers) and we are pleased to announce that production operations are underway in Piscataway, New Jersey. Power and environmental control subsystems are N+2 which qualifies this as a true Tier 4 facility in accordance with ANSI/TIA-942 and which allows us to offer even better service to our existing and future clients.  Additionally, this datacenter was designed to LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) standards to ensure efficiency and sustainability.

Your hosting solution will soon reside in one of the newest, most sophisticated and efficient datacenter facilities available in the New York Metro area.

To take full advantage of this upgrade, we will be physically relocating select solutions in the coming weeks and this includes yours. We will distribute individual notices which will include specific scheduling information and other details in the days ahead. Our goal is to minimize service impact during these activities and we thank you in advance for your cooperation.

If you have any questions regarding this notification, please contact us via support ticket.

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